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Platinum Carpet Cleaners are the UK leaders in all your carpet cleaning needs. Our team are trained and insured in various areas and are guaranteed to provide a professional and friendly service to suit all your carpet cleaning Warrington needs.

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About our carpet cleaning service

Keeping carpets clean isn’t easy in a home or commercial space. Even if you vacuum regularly, you might find that your efforts aren’t enough to keep your rooms sparkling.

You may start to notice that stains refuse to budge the way you’d like, or that smells linger in your home for longer than you’re comfortable with. You may even start to see that your carpets look past their best, no matter how often you attempt to clean them.

This is a problem which we all face at some stage, and it’s something which our carpet cleaning Warrington team is trained and ready to help you with. The truth is that even regular vacuuming doesn’t provide the carpet clean you might hope for.

That’s because vacuums remove surface dirt without reaching carpet fibres. Over time, dirt and bacteria deep down in your carpet will become impossible to ignore. And, the only way you can hope to tackle them is by turning to a professional cleaning company.  

Why do I need my carpets
to be cleaned

Doing so ensures that your little ones are free to crawl around on your floor at home without risk of coming across anything nasty. It also guarantees that your commercial carpets are clean enough to always pass muster with health and safety surveyors.

Lucky for you, our Platinum carpet cleaning Warrington team have just the expertise you need to ensure your carpets are as good as new in no time. Whether you’re working in an office or trying to keep your home clean, our team have the skills you need to tackle your carpet cleaning problems. 

We use the best equipment on the market, shipped straight from California, to ensure that we’re the UK leaders and that we’re bringing you the best service possible. Our machinery is the best in both power and prowess, and it ensures that our services needn’t disrupt your day in the slightest.

If you want fast cleaning with satisfaction guaranteed, then, don’t hesitate to reach out to our carpet cleaning Warrington team today.

A clean to suit every situation

The extensive services we offer are all part of the reason we’re the UK leaders in carpet cleaning today. Whether you have a commercial or residential carpet, our team have the tools and experience for the job.

Our focus on minimising customer disruption means that our services are ideal for anyone looking for a residential clean. We bring and remove our own water with every single job, as well as keeping equipment on our vans to ensure that we don’t do any damage in your home.

That means letting us into your living space will never backfire the way it does with some cleaning companies. We’re sensitive to your home needs and get in and out as fast as we can without leaving any trace.

We also have a string of happy commercial customers across the North West. Our team is experienced in everything from office carpet cleaning, to nursery and even cinema cleans. We help a whole host of business owners uphold appearances, and stay on the safe side of health and safety.

Even better, our periodic cleaning maintenance plans ensure that we keep your space clean at times which only ever suit you. That again ensures minimum disruption, meaning less downtime for your business.

One thing’s sure; you would struggle to find such extensive cleaning expertise from any other carpet cleaning company out there. That’s just part of the reason why you should contact Platinum Carpet Cleaners Warrington on 0800 061 4324 today.

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It’s all too easy to ignore your carpet cleaning needs. You may look past those stains, or convince yourself that you need a new carpet to get your home looking the way you want it.

Our carpet cleaning Warrington team can prove just how unnecessary that expense is by providing you with a service to suit your needs, whatever they may be. We’re insured and experienced with many cleaning tasks, all of which could see your home back to standard in no time, for half the cost of a new carpet.

We always put our customer’s needs first, with a low-disruption service which is sure to serve the needs of any cleaning task.

All you need to do to benefit is talk to us today on 0800 061 4324.

Customer service you can work with

Whenever you let a company into your home, you need to know that they have your needs in mind. That’s why we at Platinum Carpet Cleaners go above and beyond to suit each cleaning undertaking to our customers’ needs.

We offer periodic cleaning maintenance programmes, minimum disruption services, and specialist UV cleaning techniques for pet owners.

We go above and beyond to use environmentally friendly and non-toxic products which are sure to suit any young families and business owners out there. And, we do it all without leaving any unwanted traces of our presence when we’re finished.

In fact, if it weren’t for the new cleanliness of your carpets, you wouldn’t realise our team had been present at all. We even go as far as to extract water when we’re finished, ensuring that your carpets are ready to roll as soon as we get going.

That’s customer service which you can work with, and it’s a service which you can enjoy as soon as you contact a member of our carpet cleaning Warrington team.


Your cleaning needs

It’s easy enough for us to tell you that you need your carpets cleaned, but how do you know that this is a service which could benefit you in particular?

Given that we care about our customers, not just our sales, we’re going to talk you through some of the basics.

When do you need your carpets cleaned?

It isn’t always easy to determine whether a proper carpet clean is in order. General rules state that you should invest in an extensive clean at least once a year, but that won’t suffice for everyone.

Small things, like the amount of footfall on your carpet, could mean that you need to invest in cleaning either more or less than once a year. An office which sees activity all day long, for example, will need far more regular cleaning that the spare room in your household.

Equally, pet owners and parents may find that cleaning is much more of a priority than single couples would. Instead of going off rough estimates which might not suit your carpet cleaning needs, then, consider the following sure signs of when your carpet might need a deep clean:

  • You can’t get rid of stains
  • Smells stick around
  • You’re worried about health and safety
  • Your carpets never look clean

If you notice any of the above in your home or commercial space, it’s a sure sign that you could benefit from calling Platinum Carpet Cleaning as soon as possible. Our team will work with you to develop a maintenance programme which suits your individual carpet cleaning needs from now on.​

Why do you need carpet cleaning Warrington?

Too often, we assume that quick methods like vacuuming are all it takes to keep our carpets clean, but that simply isn’t the case. Vacuums only offer a surface clean which leaves plenty of nasty bacteria behind you might not even be aware of.

With professional carpet cleaning Warrington, you ensure that your carpet doesn’t harbour any nasty bacteria which could harm your children’s health or even the air condition of your home. When left unchecked for any extended periods, those same bacteria could cause coughs, allergies, and even infections.

It’s also worth noting that carpets which never experience a deep clean can become a bit smelly. This is especially the case if you have pets around the house, or wear your shoes indoors.

And, of course, it’s impossible to ignore that failure to deep clean can reduce the shelf life of your carpet in general. Once those bacteria are wreaking havoc, you may start to notice faded patches, and even carpet starting to wear away in places.

You can avoid all this by turning to professional services. That ensures you keep your home or commercial space as healthy as possible, while also possibly saving yourself a fortune in replacement flooring at the same time.

Why Choose Platinum Carpet Cleaning In Warrington?

Even if you’re convinced that professional carpet cleaning is the way forward, you may be wondering why you should opt for Platinum Carpet Cleaning over any other cleaning company on the market at the moment.

The short answer to that is that we’re the UK industry leaders in both carpet and tile cleaning right now. But, you don’t have to take our word for that. We have proof as to why,

  • Our equipment is unrivalled. That’s because we understand just how important power is to ensure the best clean with the least disruption. We go out of our way to order equipment straight from California, USA, ensuring that our offerings are unrivalled by any other UK carpet cleaning companies.
  • We care about you. We understand that the disruption sometimes experienced after a carpet clean can be a hassle you don’t need. That’s why we offer low disruption options, such as bringing and removing our own water and keeping our equipment on our vans throughout each job.
  • We offer every clean imaginable in a straightforward service. It’s never easy trying to organise different service providers to work together in a way which works for you. That’s why we offer extensive services in one place, including home and commercial cleaning, pet-specific solutions, and even fire or water damage repairs.
  • We’re reducing our carbon footprint. Cleaning can damage the environment thanks to chemicals and equipment, but we’re putting a stop to the problem. We use eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products, and run our equipment off LPG instead of harmful diesel or petrol.
  • We bring experience to every job. It matters to us that we complete every job to the best standards we possibly can. That’s why every member of our team is insured and experienced in every single service we offer our customers.

We don’t call ourselves the UK leaders in this industry for nothing. As you can see, we also have the stats and know-how to back the claim.

If you have a carpet cleaning job which needs attention, then, we can say for sure that you won’t regret contacting our team on 0800 061 4324 straight away.


Choose Platinum Carpet Cleaning In Warrington Today

The longer you leave your carpets unchecked, the more damage you could end up doing to them in the long-run. When you delay professional cleaning, you leave bacteria to build, and that could soon mean that damage begins to rein free.

But, that needn’t be the case if you contact our team today, either for a quote or to book straight in for one of our many unrivalled cleaning services. Even if you’re unsure about which option would be the best for you, speaking to a member of our team could help point you towards the clean that your carpet needs.

If you want to speak to a member of our experienced carpet cleaning Warrington team today, then don’t think twice about calling us on 0800 061 4324. We look forward to hearing from you and giving your carpet the perfect professional clean.

If it’s not convenient for you to call us right now, we also have a contact form for you to fill out on our ‘contact us’ page. This allows you to leave your details and query, and ask us to contact you at a time which suits you better.

Either way; we guarantee that your carpets will thank you for making an effort to reach out to our Platinum Carpet Cleaning team today.