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Tiles, Stone, Granite & Wood

Often hard surfaces in our homes are located in extremely high traffic areas, including kitchens and bathrooms.

These areas are often left with a very high level of soils, grease, bacteria, toxins and pollutants, which leave affected areas appearing dull and generally worn.

In order to rectify this issue, we use the very latest cleaning equipment technology with the correct cleaning method and very best cleaning solutions, followed by a high volume of water extraction.

Grouts are often in need of a deep clean, or sometimes it’s possible they are in need of a repair. When carried out correctly, both appearance and cleanliness of your hard surfaces would be fully restored.

Protection of the floor is then implemented in order to re-seal the floor, making it easy for you to clean & maintain its appearance.

It’s very common for some customers to have porcelain, tile or granite surfaces laid in their home and always have problems cleaning them due to excessive streaking. They have often come to accept that this is normal, but this is incorrect. It’s often the case the hard surface has never had its transit wax fully removed, which is often the cause of streaking issues.

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Platinum Carpet Cleaning are here to help. Using the latest technology we can take on a whole range of surfaces and objects that require a thorough clean.

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"Had all my carpets cleaned by this company... by far the best company I used! I’ve had a few bad experiences with companies who don’t use water at all to company’s that completely soak your carpets but platinum gave them a really deep steam clean and my carpets were left dry and smelt amazing I will only use this company from now on highly recommend."
Donna Serge

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