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Platinum Upholstery and Carpet Cleaning offer a bespoke cleaning service in Preston, Lancashire. We are professionals, dedicated to helping you maximise the longevity of your carpet by removing dirt, bacteria and other nasties. With us, you can finally have that clean, plush carpet you’ve always wanted. It’ll smell great and look good too!

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Carpet Cleaning Preston

About our cleaning service

Getting your carpets cleaned isn't a luxury: it's essential. When carpets get dirty, it creates long-term problems for the owners.

A clean carpet has all sorts of benefits, including making your house or business premises smell and look great. A dirty carpet can look dull and stained and can reduce your enjoyment of your home and put customers off your business. When you get your carpet cleaned in Preston, make sure that you use professionals . With our high quality service your carpet can look like it did when it was new. With our help, you can bring your dull and stained carpets back to life. 

Powerful steam cleaners penetrate the carpet and lift out the dirt effortlessly. We surprise our customers all the time with what a difference our professional cleaning can make. We can surprise you too: check us out today.


Why do I need my carpets
to be cleaned

Many people living and working in Preston do not know about the advantages of getting their carpets cleaned. But, as you’re about to find out, the benefits are substantial. Carpet cleaning isn’t just about removing stains (although that’s important). It’s also about maintaining the value of your home or business and how you feel. Nobody wants to come home from a busy day back to a dirty carpet. You want your home to be fresh and appealing. 

Likewise, customers and staff don’t want to work in offices with dirty carpets. It detracts from the customer experience and can affect employee wellbeing. Take a look at these reasons to get your carpets professionally cleaned by us.

Your Carpet Will Last Longer

Carpets don’t come cheap. The average price of a carpet is £15 to £20 per square meter in the UK. If you own a premium carpet, it’s not uncommon to pay more than £30 per square meter. Dirty carpets are a problem, and not just because they’re unsightly. The particles of dirt in the carpet act like sandpaper when walked on, damaging the carpet fibres. The dirt rubs against the fibres, wearing them down, just like sandpaper wears down wood. Over time, the particles damage the carpet. Sections of the carpet look worn and flat. Once this happens, there’s not much that you can do except to replace the carpet. That’s why professional carpet cleaning is so important. Regular vacuums don’t penetrate the carpet deep enough to remove all the dirt trapped beneath. Only professional stream cleaning systems can remove dirt that’s deep down. When you use professional carpet cleaners, you protect your investment in your carpet. You want your carpet to last as long as possible, and you can with professional carpet cleaning. Many people in Preston make the mistake of not getting their carpets professionally cleaned year-round. You can avoid disappointment and get fresh carpets with Platinum today.

You Can Improve Indoor Air Quality

All sorts of nasty particles can become trapped in carpets. Whenever a person walks into a carpeted room, they carry pollutants on their shoes and clothes. These pollutants could be anything, from particles from diesel exhausts to hormone-disrupting particles from cleaning products. The problem with carpets is that they can accumulate these chemicals, periodically releasing them into the air and reducing air quality. The only way to make sure that you remove all these particles is to use a professional carpet cleaner. Professional cleaning systems use the power of steam to remove potentially dangerous chemicals from your environment. After we professionally clean your carpet, the quality of the air in your environment will improve. Finally, you can breathe happily.

You Can Remove Unsightly Stains

Many homeowners and businesses are living with unsightly carpets. Carpets can become displeasing to look at for many reasons, including scuffs and stains. If you’ve tried to remove a stain but have had no luck, then get in touch with us today. Our professional cleaning systems can eliminate many of the toughest stains, returning your carpet to its former glory. Don’t sit around any longer, wishing the stain would go away. Get in touch with Platinum get rid of the problem for good. Nobody wants to live or work in a room with stains on the floor. And, you don’t have to: let us solve the problem today.


You Can Prevent Allergen Buildups

Allergens, such as pollen, can accumulate in carpets. This is because carpet fibres provide the perfect place for them to become trapped. Regular vacuuming can’t remove all allergens from your carpet. Over time, carpets collect allergens and irritate sufferers, even outside of allergy season. Carpets can accumulate allergens when atmospheric levels are high, and then release them throughout the rest of the year. People who suffer from allergies, therefore, can have problems year-round, all because of their carpets. By preventing the buildup of allergens in your carpet, you can protect your staff and enjoy your home more. With Platinum, it’s easy to get rid of allergens. Our equipment uses hot steam that can penetrate deep into your carpet and remove allergenic particles. Once complete, your carpet will no longer be a haven for allergenic substances – perfect!

You Feel Better About Your Environment

The way your carpet looks can affect how you feel. A clean and fresh carpet helps you feel energetic and happy in your surroundings; a dirty carpet doesn’t. Dirty carpets can reduce worker morale. People want to work in clean environments, but a stained carpet can impact their experience negatively. Carpets in poor condition can also affect how people feel in their home environment. A dirty carpet can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. If that sounds like you, then get in touch with Platinum today. Our steam cleaners can remove the dirt and grime that is making your carpet look dull and lifeless. A professionally steam-cleaned carpet can lift the mood of an entire room, making staff and homeowners feel better.

You Can Remove Dust Mites

For many people, the idea of creepy-crawlies living in their carpets is not pleasant. But dust mites and bedbugs can find a home in your carpet if you’re not careful. Regular, professional steam cleaning removes all the bugs, giving you a more hygienic environment. If you’d rather not live and work alongside an assortment of mites, then call us today. Platinum Carpet Cleaning can remove all those nasty bugs and give you peace of mind.

How Often Should I Get My Carpet Professionally Cleaned?

When you get your carpet professionally cleaned, and how often, is entirely up to you. However, as a professional carpet cleaner, we know that people in Preston get the most out of their carpets when cleaned all year round. How often you get your carpets cleaned depends on how you use them. 

  • Light soil. If a carpet sees light use, then you should get it professionally cleaned every couple of years, according to the manufacturer’s warranty. Light use scenarios include spare bedrooms or infrequently-used conferences rooms.
  • You should vacuum light soil areas once per week.
  • Medium Soil. Medium soil areas are those that see substantially more traffic than light soil. Examples include office carpets and reception rooms in your home. Medium soil areas need to be vacuumed twice per week and professionally cleaned at least twice per year.
  • Heavy soil. Heavy soil areas, such as thoroughfares or reception areas in businesses may need vacuuming daily. Platinum Carpet Cleaning recommends deep cleaning heavy soil areas every three to six months. 

Other factors also come into play when considering how often to get your carpets cleaned in Preston.

  • If you have pets. Pets tend to damage carpets more, thanks to their claws. The also release particles into the carpet when the roll on it which may cause it to smell.
  • If you have allergies. If you or people you work with have allergies, then professional cleaning is essential. It removes allergens and helps improve the quality of life for those concerned.
  • If you smoke. If a person in your home smokes, then you may need to have your carpet professionally cleaned more regularly. Smoke particles accumulate in the carpet, causing it to smell.
  • If you have heavy foot traffic. If you have a carpet in an area with heavy foot traffic, then you may need more regular professional cleaning. Foot traffic causes dirt in the carpet to rub against the fibres, damaging them in the process.

Why Choose Platinum ?

You want a top-quality professional cleaning service you can trust. And with Platinum, that’s precisely what you get. Here’s why you should choose us as your carpet cleaner in Preston, Affordable Prices. Unlike many professional carpet cleaning services in Preston, we work hard to keep costs down. Our value-for-money service provides you with the cleaning action you need but at an affordable price. Honest service. We don’t just clean carpets for the sake of it. Our goal is to ensure that customers remove unwanted grime from their carpets, and that’s it. If your carpet is already clean, we’ll tell you. Tremendous Experience. Platinum has enormous experience cleaning carpets for domestic and commercial customers alike. Our team of trained cleaners has the skill and knowledge to resolve even the most challenging cleaning issues. If you want professionals who have been in the carpet cleaning business for many years, then get in touch with us today. We can help you solve those nagging carpet problems and give you peace of mind. You can benefit from our highly knowledgeable professionals. 

Got a question about your carpet? Speak with us today about how we can help and what to do next. 

Working with the best equipment

At Platinum Cleaning Services, we scoured the globe for the best cleaning equipment. We use imported equipment from California who are the best in the world. Our professional carpet cleaning equipment comes truck mounted which is far superior to household cleaning solutions. It is extremely powerful and much more so than regular portable devices. Leaders In UK Carpet Cleaning. Platinum Carpets and Upholstery are leaders in carpet cleaning in the UK. Not only do we have the best equipment, but we’re always looking for the next big thing. Cleaning is our passion, and we love investigating innovations in the industry. If we find something we think works, we deploy it in the field, improving your experience.

Who Can Benefit From Cleaning In Preston?

At Platinum, we help all kinds of businesses with their carpets from a wide range of industries. Get your carpets squeaky clean, whether you are a school, nursery, restaurant, hotel, office or any other local business. We have helped thousands of firms rediscover the beauty of their carpets, and we can do the same for you.


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It’s time to say goodbye to unsightly carpets and hello to carpets that are fresh and clean. There are many benefits to having a professionally-cleaned carpet. And, with Platinum, you can enjoy them too. For us, cleaning is a passion. We want to help private homeowners and businesses take back their carpets and enjoy their investment in them. A clean carpet not only makes a carpet look great but helps to make the people who use it feel better too. A clean carpet makes for happy staff and content families. There are so many reasons to choose Platinum Carpet cleaning to clean your next carpet. Not only do we use the best equipment, but we also offer a professional and affordable service.

Cleaning isn't just an afterthought for us: it's in our DNA.

If you want to know more about how professional cleaning could help you, get in touch with our Preston team today. Call on 0800 061 4324 and get your carpets looking incredible once more.