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About the platinum carpet cleaning service

We only use the best equipment in the world and follow a strict cleaning method not skipping steps to ensure the best possible results every single time!


The pre spray we use is pro chem power burst and is without a doubt the best pre spray on the market not only that it’s also the most expensive on the market. The pre spray is one of the most important detergents used in carpet cleaning, the reason being is this product is actually what does most of the cleaning ….therefore gives results customers should expect. It kills bacterias germs & viruses and that’s why platinum would rarely use anything else.

Next stop The CRB- circular rotating brush

Now would you believe not all carpet cleaning company’s even use these, Some use hand brushes, some use other cheap electric tools but not platinum we only use the best. The crb scrubs the pre spray deep into the carpet loosing all the dirt. The brushes are so long & powerful, much much stronger than any vacuum cleaners. The CRB brings all dog hairs etc up from the bottom of carpet and at the same time restores the carpet pile…. or as most customers say it makes it nice and fluffy.


This is were we rinse the carpet of it’s nasty’s. We use pro Chem fabric and fibre rinse this ensures all the soapy cleaning detergent is removed from the carpet because if not it causes rapid re soiling. In other words the carpet will get dirty much quicker… a common complaint in the carpet cleaning industry. The pro chemical fabric and fibre rinse also restores the carpet back to its PH neutral natural state leaving the carpet much softer, almost like new. We Also add pro Chemical fresh breeze odour neutraliser this ensures a lovely fresh breeze scent it also has the latest technology in odour neutralising.

The extraction process is what really sets us well apart from our competition because we use the Prochem Everest truck mounted machine. Prochem is industry leader in UK and America, they develop the best chemicals & equipment in the whole world and the Everest is the best and most expensive model they produce! To buy these new cost about 30k ….some people don’t understand why you need such a big machine to clean a carpet. Well the answer? to put simply is it’s power and its heat, you can’t get a electric machine to even come close the performance of these machines. It heats the water and solutions to 110c constantly, its steam cleaning capability is beyond any thing else! Steam vapour kills 99.9 % off all germs virus bacteria bed bugs all sorts of things. Now did you know every time you heat a cleaning solution by 10d it gets ten times stronger? that’s why we use maximum heat for superior cleaning also this machine creates massive amounts of vacuum, electric machines can’t even get close this amount of suction it allows us at platinum to use much higher water pressure than our competition. finished with a pleasant blow dry and the carpets are dry & ready.

If you have any questions or would like more info please just ask we more than happy to help

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